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Baby room. The essential checklist

The first thing that came to my mind when I thought of preparing my baby's room, was the theme of it. Our theme was symbolic, it meant something special to us, and based on that, I decorated his room. The room's theme was ''Summer & the coral reefs''.

To me, it was really important to have an idea of what I would like to create, as it would have helped me to organize myself and have a certain style in mind for the research and the shopping.

Being a great fan of the Montessori approach, I knew that I needed to have a few standard things in the room, however, I had no idea what was the essential checklist for it.

So after doing extensive research online, which took me a few weeks, I had a theme in mind, my checklist ready and a color palette too.

I went for the genuinely important things and left the ''nice to have'' things as add-ons for later. What I wanted was to have a functional space made just for my baby.

So what is necessary?

  • Bassinet

We bought a bassinet for the first months that could attach to our bed as I needed to have my baby close to me for breastfeeding. A small bassinet will give the womb feeling to your baby and also a safety feeling, therefore it's important to have it. Ours came with wheels and it was very convenient as I was able to move the bassinet around the apartment in different rooms, even in the kitchen sometimes when I had to cook.

  • Crib

The crib was super simple made of natural wood, without lacker. For more details about the crib, please read my post ''Baby crib, Do's & Dont's''. We used the crib for almost a year and then we bought for his room, the Montessori floor bed.

  • Bedding (4 fitted crib sheets)

  • Firm, flat mattress, and 2 washable crib mattress pads

  • Crib mobile (remove it when your baby can stand on his knees)

  • Changing table (or a security strapped changing pad to put it on top of your dresser)

  • Rocking chair

  • Lamp, ideally with dimmer

  • Dresser

  • Bookshelf

  • Baskets for toys

  • Baby swing or bouncer

  • Playmat

  • Carpet

  • Curtains

  • Age-appropriate toys

  • Baby monitor

Except for the above list, I added a few more items in the nursery like the Montessori mirror, etc, for which you can find out more in my post ''Montessori inspired baby room''.

Of course, then comes the decoration part and there you can be creative and have more fun when designing your baby's room.

Last but not least, from an Interior Designer's point of view, the advice I could give you for a dreamy nursery is to choose a color palette upfront and remember that balance and repetition i.e. 2 same items instead of one, like pillows, or same line in furniture (all furniture with straight or curved line) can only bring an elegant outcome.

Good luck with shopping for your baby's nursery!

Thank you for taking the time to read my post and see you soon!

All the best,




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