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Bedtime routine & tips

Establishing and maintaining a bedtime routine is very important and in our case, we started it when my son was 6 months old. The bedtime routine helps babies and children to settle down for sleep, after a busy day. In a way, it means that the day is over.

I think that there are many benefits and based on psychology, repetition is comforting to children and structure helps them feel safe. Furthermore, the bedtime routine is also a daily opportunity to build our relationship with our child.

We have a pretty standard bedtime routine and below you can read it as a step-by-step process.

  • Create a routine

  • Avoid screens before bedtime (we avoid them in general)

  • Have a calming song to mark the beginning of the bedtime routine

  • Work as a team. Tidy up his/her room together and use a role-play to put plush toys to ‘’sleep’’

  • Involve your toddler in preparing the bathtub, towel, PJs, etc.

  • Dim the lights to stimulate melatonin production which is our sleeping hormone

  • Have some relaxing music in the bathroom like lullabies

  • Make the bath time enjoyable and relaxing

  • Read bedtime stories

  • Have a security object in bed like a plush toy

  • Make sure the bedroom is dark and quiet

  • Being calm as a parent during this process can only make it easier

Tips for uninterrupted sleep, based on my experience:

  • Establish a bedtime routine

  • Make sure that their tummy is full. Yogurt is excellent before going to bed if your baby/toddler has missed the last meal. I do not offer fruits before bedtime, but there were a few times when my son due to teething, had a -not fully ripe- banana (yellow with green tips). Ripe bananas are a quick energy booster and you don't want that before bedtime. Instead, we prefer it before or during outdoor activities

  • Activities, activities, activities. A tired child could sleep like an angel

  • Hydration. Always offer some water, especially for toddlers who don't drink milk before bedtime

I hope that all the above tips will be of help for you too and if not all, I am sure some of them will have a positive effect on the bedtime routine of your little one.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post and see you soon!

All the best,




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