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Baby's first clothes

Shopping for my baby has always been fun! I would say that decorating his room and shopping for his first clothes were the two most enjoyable things before his arrival.

I had decided to buy clothes only for the first six months. He was my first baby, I was not sure how fast babies grow in terms of clothing and it was also a bit confusing to see that brands have different sizes i.e. some 0 to 2 months and others 0 to 3 months. He has always been quite tall for his age so my decision not to buy too many clothes at the beginning was the right one.

However, not buying baby clothes in Newborn size was one of my mistakes. Almost everybody was suggesting to buy size 0 to 3 months size and so I did. In the first few weeks, the specific size is a bit big for babies, especially if their weight is below 4kg and their height is less than 50cm.

So after a few more mistakes and some months later, here is what we used for my baby boy.

*newborn size is smaller than the 0 to 2 months size because the latter fits better for a baby that is 2 months old.

Until 2 months old

- Newborn size (used only the first 3 - 4 weeks)

Sleepers x5 (for the night)

Onesies x5 & soft pants x5 (during the day)

Mittens x5 (used only the first 3 weeks after birth)

Hats x4 (used only the first 2 weeks after birth)

Socks x5 pairs

Going out outfits x3

- Size 0 to 2 months

Sleepers x7 (for the night)

Onesies x7 & soft pants x7 (during the day)

Socks x7pairs

Going out outfits x5

From 2 to 6 months old

- Size 2 to 4m & Size 4 to 6m (for each size the following)

Sleepers x7 (for the night)

Onesies x7 & soft pants x7 (during the day)

Socks x10pairs

Going out outfits x7

Light jacket x2

Here I should mention that since we live in Dubai and winter clothing is not necessary, I have not listed any winter items. So in case you live in a country where you have low temperatures, except for the above listed, also consider in your shopping list a few winter outfits.

Regarding his sleep and after the first weeks with the swaddle blanket, I bought a sleeping bag that we used for a few months as from keeping the baby warm, it also helps to sleep on his back which is the best-recommended sleeping position by doctors.

Enjoy shopping for your little one!

Thank you for taking the time to read my post and see you soon :)





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