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Learning tower

Learning towers are usually appropriate for the age of 18m + but we bought ours when our son was 14 months. He is much taller than his age and he was able to go in and out by himself, so we started using it earlier than suggested. The idea behind the learning tower is to bring the little ones to counter height so they can safely engage in daily activities.

Based on the Montessori philosophy, children are naturally eager to learn and capable of learning through real-life experiences in supportive and prepared environments. It is so much easier now to cook while having my son in the learning tower. It is fun for him too as he is kind of involved in the process of cooking and preparing our meals.

Kids love to be helpful and part of the team and bringing them up to our level allows them to be part of the action while having their own space. Last Christmas we made gingerbread cookies together and he was very happy and interested to experiment with the dough and see the result too. Our first cooking tries together was a total success!

I found the learning tower to be safe, but as with anything else till the age of 4-5yo, kids should not be left unattended.

What I love about our learning tower, is that it's adjustable in height and comes with side support too, which prevents my son from falling. Of course, we always communicate to him what are the dangers in the kitchen i.e. the stovetop. Furthermore, we never leave dangerous items like knives on the countertop and we have security locks on every cupboard in the kitchen except one. We have left one cupboard without a security lock, where I store his crockery and they are all harmless. I often ask him to get me a bowl to put his fruits in when it's time for his snack. I think this is a way for him to learn to help and be part of his snack preparation.

I believe that a Learning Tower is a great thing to have at home for kids and I would recommend it!

Thank you for taking the time to read my post and see you soon!

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