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Montessori inspired toddler room

Being a big fan of the Montessori philosophy, I could not have chosen a different type of room for my son. For the ones who are not familiar with Maria Montessori and her educational method, it's about encouraging creativity and independence applied to the kid's home. Everything should be within a child's reach and designed to foster his personal growth. A core principle of the Montessori method/philosophy is developing practical life skills.

Taking all that into consideration I tried to create a room for my son where he can start learning and discovering the world starting from simple things.

Welcome to our Montessori-inspired toddler room, let's begin with the tour!

The Montessori bed

After researching different kinds of Montessori beds, I went for a customized frame bed, which is a low-to-the-ground toddler bed with a bumper. We bought a foam mattress (mostly recommended for this age) and bedding from light and breathable material.

The reason I have chosen the specific type of bed is that it is at his level, which means he can easily go to bed whenever he feels like it, and he can leave the bed without falling or hurting himself. It's kind of like his ''base'' in the room. In other words, he is more independent and his vision and movement are not restricted compared to a crib.

The Montessori kitchen

This isn't just a toy kitchen. Its purpose is to practice everyday tasks, learn to be responsible, and keep it clean and tidy. It is a kitchen that could teach kids so many things.

Currently, we are using wooden fruits and vegetables, we have a cutting board, a wooden knife, pots, and pans. The next thing to do is to add a few plates and cups made of bamboo. I try to avoid plastic items and plastic toys and be as environmentally friendly as possible.

The Montessori Floor shelf

That is a special floor shelf as it has a small seat, which he can use to relax, read a book, or even play there. He has been using it since he was 7 months old and still loves it. As it is small in size, it's convenient for his height to have direct access to his toys or books and promotes independence.

Table & chairs

My son loves to sit on his chair, and he spends quite a lot of time at that table. He draws there, loves to make puzzles, reads his books, and more. He knows very well that this is his room, and you can tell he is the boss in there. The size of the table and the chairs is just perfect and allows him to play there too and not only on the floor.

The Swing

What better than a swing with this view?! I had the idea for it when we saw our apartment for the first time. The combination of the swing and the Pikler triangle that you will see below is like a mini playground in his room.

Pikler triangle

The Montessori Pikler triangle is one of the best toys for kids. I still remember how excited my son was when we received it. He was 1yo at the time and was able to walk, run and climb already, which made it the perfect big toy for him. It is a great toy even for kids of younger age. The triangle we bought was recommended for kids 6 months old and above.

It is a safe place to climb, teaches motor skills, and improves their balance control, exploration of creative strategies, and muscle growth. I highly recommend it!

Thank you for taking the time to read my post, and see you soon!

All the best,




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